Fundraising Committee


Alumni Data Validation

- Maintain Directory of all alumni                                                     (National)

- Validate that mailing addresses are correct                                  (National)

- Validate email addresses are correct                                            

- Validate phone numbers are correct                                              

- Track down and Discover missing alumni                                    (Collective effort, Tabolt)

- Update Directory when incorrect addresses/emails bounce 


Strategy Team

- Create Giving buckets/areas/funds for brothers to donate to 

- Decide what projects need focus

- Determine what Endowments need focus

- Identify potential top donor brothers/how many brothers are willing to donate (Feasibility Study)

- Create non-tax deductible projects 

- Create separate 501(c)3 tax-deductible donation projects (educational space only) 


Housing Project Design/Vision

- Recommend projects for improvement                                              (Building Committee)

- Create Architecture drawings of Project, mockups                           (Building Committee)

- Separate the educational space projects vs non-educational           (Building Committee)


Parent Projects Design/Vision

- Design Short Term improvement projects parents can donate to     (Building Committee)

- Oversee project completed correctly                                                (Building Committee)



- Design Scholarships and Endowments                                            (Scholarship Committee)

- Create fundraising materials detailing what the money will be used for (Scholarship Committee)

- Interview/Select Scholarship recipients                                             (Scholarship Committee)


Alumni Solicitation (1 time Big Project)

- Silent Phase

- Recruit past Noble Rulers, Class leaders, Gather a core group

- Personal Calls, Personal group visits

- Create robust fundraising materials on costs and goals

- Get undergrads to pledge phased donations after graduation

- Public Phase

- Phone tree, calls to all alumni for donations

- Regular meetings on progress

- Matching gift solicitation at end

- Events, Donation Celebration


Alumni Solicitation (Ongoing)

- Solicitation Maintenance

- Maintain everything above

- Online Giving

- Manage Online platforms Paypal, Venmo

- Create auto-links, monthly subscription giving

- Create detailed online materials for what money will be going to 

- Will Inclusion (Legacy Gifts)

- Ask alumni to include AGR within their last wills

- Personal visits

- Undergrad Relations

- Have new undergrads write Penpal letters each semester to seasoned alumni

- Undergrad call tree inviting alumni to Founder's Day/Homecoming 


Parent Fundraising Solicitation

- Collect funds and Instill Confidence that Parents can donate

- Communicate with Parents what the money will go to, concerns

- Create any necessary fundraising materials 


Event Planning / Alumni Relations

- Recruit New and Lost Alumni                                               (Social Committee)

- Fundraising at AGR social events                                       (Social Committee)

- Silent Auctions                                                                    (Social Committee)


Donation Tracking

- Track Individual Alumni giving and donation amounts          (Finance Committee)

- Track Overall Alumni giving and donations                          (Finance Committee)

- Report giving progress and thermometer levels                  (Finance Committee)


Fund Management

- Manage the different funds and bank accounts                  (Finance Committee)

- Work with National to manage/setup funds                        (Finance Committee)


Project Implementation

- Bid project out to contractors                                             (Building Committee)

- Oversee construction                                                         (Building Committee)


Fundraising Thanks/Appreciation/Recognition

- Notes and Calls

- Plaques and awards, publication

- Track lifetime giving (Orders of Shield etc.)                       (National, Pennington)



For over 100 years Alpha Gamma Rho has been an institution at The Pennsylvania State University.  AGR at Penn State, and across the country, has been the leading outlet for extraordinary young men. A social and professional fraternity, AGR provides social, mental, moral, and physical development for our members as part of our goal to Make Better Men.


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