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Fundraising Committee


Alumni Data Validation

- Maintain Directory of all alumni                                                     (National)

- Validate that mailing addresses are correct                                  (National)

- Validate email addresses are correct                                            

- Validate phone numbers are correct                                              

- Track down and Discover missing alumni                                    (Collective effort, Tabolt)

- Update Directory when incorrect addresses/emails bounce 


Strategy Team

- Create Giving buckets/areas/funds for brothers to donate to 

- Decide what projects need focus

- Determine what Endowments need focus

- Identify potential top donor brothers/how many brothers are willing to donate (Feasibility Study)

- Create non-tax deductible projects 

- Create separate 501(c)3 tax-deductible donation projects (educational space only) 


Housing Project Design/Vision

- Recommend projects for improvement                                              (Building Committee)

- Create Architecture drawings of Project, mockups                           (Building Committee)

- Separate the educational space projects vs non-educational           (Building Committee)


Parent Projects Design/Vision

- Design Short Term improvement projects parents can donate to     (Building Committee)

- Oversee project completed correctly                                                (Building Committee)



- Design Scholarships and Endowments                                            (Scholarship Committee)

- Create fundraising materials detailing what the money will be used for (Scholarship Committee)

- Interview/Select Scholarship recipients                                             (Scholarship Committee)


Alumni Solicitation (1 time Big Project)

- Silent Phase

- Recruit past Noble Rulers, Class leaders, Gather a core group

- Personal Calls, Personal group visits

- Create robust fundraising materials on costs and goals

- Get undergrads to pledge phased donations after graduation

- Public Phase

- Phone tree, calls to all alumni for donations

- Regular meetings on progress

- Matching gift solicitation at end

- Events, Donation Celebration


Alumni Solicitation (Ongoing)

- Solicitation Maintenance

- Maintain everything above

- Online Giving

- Manage Online platforms Paypal, Venmo

- Create auto-links, monthly subscription giving

- Create detailed online materials for what money will be going to 

- Will Inclusion (Legacy Gifts)

- Ask alumni to include AGR within their last wills

- Personal visits

- Undergrad Relations

- Have new undergrads write Penpal letters each semester to seasoned alumni

- Undergrad call tree inviting alumni to Founder's Day/Homecoming 


Parent Fundraising Solicitation

- Collect funds and Instill Confidence that Parents can donate

- Communicate with Parents what the money will go to, concerns

- Create any necessary fundraising materials 


Event Planning / Alumni Relations

- Recruit New and Lost Alumni                                               (Social Committee)

- Fundraising at AGR social events                                       (Social Committee)

- Silent Auctions                                                                    (Social Committee)


Donation Tracking

- Track Individual Alumni giving and donation amounts          (Finance Committee)

- Track Overall Alumni giving and donations                          (Finance Committee)

- Report giving progress and thermometer levels                  (Finance Committee)


Fund Management

- Manage the different funds and bank accounts                  (Finance Committee)

- Work with National to manage/setup funds                        (Finance Committee)


Project Implementation

- Bid project out to contractors                                             (Building Committee)

- Oversee construction                                                         (Building Committee)


Fundraising Thanks/Appreciation/Recognition

- Notes and Calls

- Plaques and awards, publication

- Track lifetime giving (Orders of Shield etc.)                       (National, Pennington)


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